About > Install and activate a plugin for LimeSurvey

Download a plugin in zip file is easy, after : you must install and activate it.

You need a FTP access to use your own plugin on LimeSurvey. If you can it’s better a ssh or sftp access.

Get the plugin ready

You have two way to download the plugin : a compressed file (in general a zip file) or a GIT repo.

If you download a compressed file : you must unpack it first. You can use for such purpose 7-zip if you use MS-windows. By GIT, you have already a directory.

Move the plugin to the server

You must upload the plugin to the server. For such usage you need a FTP or, better, a SFTP access. You must upload the complete directory of the plugin in the limesurvey_base_directory/plugins/ directory.

You must put whole content of the plugin directory inside it’s own directory and the directory name must be same than the plugin php filename . For example if you plugin name examplePlugin with a file examplePlugin.php: you must have finally www/limesurvey/plugins/examplePlugin/examplePlugin.php.

If you have more content than one PHP file : all content must be moved to the directory. For example

Activate the plugin

After moving the directory in plugins directory: you must activate it.

In 2.06 and lesser version : click on the menu plugin menu 2.6 (gringegreen) or plugin menu 2.6 (blobblueish)

In 2.50 and upper version : go to Configuration and after to Plugin Manager menu.
plugin menu 2.50

Search your plugin in the list, and activate with the button. If the plugin have global settings : you see a second button.