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This plugin add a function to remote control, this function show information on user used for remote control.

New url for remote control.

This plugin add a new url for remote control API. You can see it at plugin parameters.

Add a new function

Currently the plugin have only three function :

show some information about current user
return a boolean : did the remote user have this permission
return a boolean : did the remote user have this survey permission

To add a new function in your remote control : you can add new function in this same file. Remind to always test current login with $this->_checkSessionKey($sSessionKey);. An easy way if you want new function is to copy an existing function, rename it and adapt yourself in this file.

Allow access of this url without CRSFvalidation

Only for LimeSurvey 2.06 official version. The plugin URL are updated with 2.50 and LimeSurvey-SondagesPro

This url is usable to replace the default remote control URL. You need to update the config file to allow access to this url without CRSF control.

Actually you need :

   'components' => array(
       'db' => array(
       'request' => array(

Fork it

Official repository of extendRemoteControl is gitlab.

Fork it via GIT
git clone extendRemoteControl
git clone extendRemoteControl