Quick statistics panel : Participation And Satisfaction > Documentation

Admin user with statistics permission acces can access to a simple statitics page with information about participation rate and statisfaction.

If the survey are date stamped : admin user see Daily participation rate graph.

Global settings

In global settings you can see the link to access to survey listing.

Survey settings

Alternate title
The title to be shown in statistics pages
Expected participation
With survey with token : participation use token table. If there are no token table, you can choose a expected particpant number here.
The plugin allow you to use assessments for participation rate for question.
Description for participation and statisfaction tab
To add a simple description up to the participation and satisfaction. You can use some simple html.
Show the number of … daily …
Choose what participation rate are shown in the first graph. The end and start date of the graph use start and expiry date of survey.
Token attributes and question for pivot (participation part)
You can add any table using this settings, all token attributes can be used. Only single choice questions are shown.
Each table shown the list of possible answers or value for attributes with expected participants, response and rate. For expected participants with question : you can use assessments.

The statistics pages

If an user have only statistics access on survey, default admin access are deactivated. The user was redirected to survey list (with statistics permission).

Surveys listing

If survey is date-stamped, user see the participation graph according to survey settings.

Daily participation rate

Else user just see the participation rate.

Participation rate

According to settings a satisfaction tab can be show. Where for each satisfaction questions from settings medium are shown in a graph, and pivot questions are shown in graph or table.

Satisfaction and pivot