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After editing a response via the admin access the Equation question type and the relevance status are broken. This plugin allow to fix the Equation and the relevance Status.


After updating a Equation question type : response are not updated with the new equation. Using this plugin allow to recompute all response with the new equation. There are an option too to recompute relevance status of all question.

Update all submitted answers

In survey responses browsing, you have a new button : ’Update all submitted answers’ : this button launch the functionnality for all sublitted answers.

You can stop the process clicking on Cancel, at the end of the process you have to click on Done. You see how many answers are updated for each response.

Update one answer

In ’View responses detail’ you can update a specific answer

Use functionnality elsewhere than LimeSurvey admin

You can use the fuctionnality elsewhere than LimeSurvey admin part. No information are reported. To use this functionnality : you can use the token or the srid. To use srid, you need to check "Allow non admin to update with srid" settings in plugin settings.

The link to use to update an answer depend of your configuration. With apache:
for srid :

for token: