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In maintenance mode : unauthenticated user can not access to your public page. Authenticated user under condition.

How-to set your LimeSurvey instance on maintenance

The plugin use a date for starting the maintenance mode, after the date : the website are in maintenance mode. To deactivate maintenance mode : remove the date or deactivate the plugin (deactivation seems to be the best solution).

In case of emergency, if you don’t have access to plugin management because you don’t found your super admin password : delete the plugin directory (by FTP or any other solution).

Settings for maintenance mode

Settings for maintenance in LimeSUrvey
Date / time for maintenance mode.
The date / time for maintenance mode, the format used you user setting for date.
Show warning message delay.
If you want to show a message some minutes before your website are in maintenance, put the number of minutes here. Default system use 60, then show a warning one hour before closing the website. The warning start by warning class , and 10% of total time before use danger class (the 6 minutes before by default).
Allow only super administrator to admin page.
Disable admin page access for administrator, except for all super administrator. The login page are always accessible.
Disable public part for administrator users.
You can disable public page to adminitrator users too. This can disable too plugin page using newDirectRequest or newUnsecureRequest. Superadministrators still have complete access.
Maintenance message
The message to be shown during maintenance. You can use Expression manager. Because survey id and language are set , you can use some Expression Manager global variables in this message. The default message can be translated.
Warning message.
The message to be show for warning your user. Like Maintenance message you can use Expression manager. You have 3 extra keyword : DATE for the date in english format, DATEFORMATTED for the same date but formatted with the format of the user language, MINUTES for the number of minutes before maintenance. The default message can be translated.
Url to redirect users
You can use an url in replacement of the message. User are directly redirected to this url. You can use LANGUAGE in the url. If you have an url : you don’t need to update the maintenance message.


maintenanceMode is active
42 minutes before maintenanceMode
Administrator warning during maintenanceMode