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This plugin update HTML part of question for better labeling, usage of fieldset, roles and aria-labelledby or aria-describedby.

The plugin can be tested at moreAccesibility Test website.

HTML updated globally

For screen-reader, we are inside a form, then user can move in form using keyboard and have some information about the actual position with aria and label.

  • Replace the label for single question by label to the question.
  • Correct the other label in single choice (radio) and multiple choice
  • Add help and limesurvey generated help in aria-labelledby or aria-describeddby
  • Add roles and aria-labelledby for list of answers (radio, checkbox, text and numeric)
  • Add roles and aria-labelledby for arrays of answers (radio, text and checkbox)
  • Optionnaly, replace the * usage for mandatory question with the real corresponding string ( for example : “This question is mandatory”).

You can choose to use directly fieldset for list or array, but the aria way are tested in real condition.

Know issue

  • For RGAA validation : some totally hidden input didn’t have title or label. This input are not seen or readed in anyway.
  • Map question type still not accessible
  • Upload question type still not accessible
  • Obsolete usage of width for col elements, but this didn’t break a11y
  • Obsolete usage of summary for array. In form this part was not used and replaced by usage of aria-describedby and group role for each line.
  • DOCTYPE used (DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional) didn’t allow usage of wai-aria. This break html validation.
  • Limesurvey javascript for hide and show conditional question are not fully tested and can not be improved.


There are only 2 settings in configuration.

Update asterisk part to show real sentence. Default is disabled then you didn’t need to update template. Best is to activate and update template according to your need.
Add fieldset for each list and array, this disable the usage of wai-aria and template must be updated.