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The new registered participants can be redirect to the survey with the new token just after registering. This plugin is active only if survey have token and Allow public registration is set to on.

All settings

Seetings for registerQuick
Use quick registering
This activate usage of the plugin, only if the survey have tokens and regsiter is activated.
Email settings
How the email is managed. You can choose between : show email as mandatory, show email but not mandatory or hide the email when user register to the survey.
Existing Email
What must be done if email address is already registered. By default : behaviour is to create a new token, but you can choose reload previous response (if survey allow it, else disable access), reload previous response only of previous response is set as completed (and survey didn’t allow completed survey).
This settings work with LimeSurvey token settings : Anonymized responses, Enable token-based response persistence, Allow multiple responses or update responses with one token and Use left for the token
Privacy of response
For privacy issue, you can disallow to reload existing response if user don’t have token.
Before reloading response, allow you to choose if user are allowed to reload it without the good token.
Send the email
Just choose if you send the register email. Remind : if you activate Privacy response the email is always sent the second time.
Show the token form just after the register form. If user know the token code : he can edit the survey with the token code.

Public part when registering

Example of register quick with default template

Except to show email input and the token form : this plugin remove some class to the form for a better usage of form-control.

Usage of attribute shown during registration with or without mandatory still done. But this attribute are not updated if token (email) already exist.

If user enter directly a token on the token input and continue : he was redirected to the survey with the token, if token is invalid (already used or didn’t exist) : the only solution is to get back or to reload the page manually.

If you don’t ask email or if user don’t set an email when he register for the first time : he can not edit the response. If you want to allow edit without btoken : best is to show it at first page. For example

To edit this survey , you can use the token {TOKEN:TOKEN}.